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Their storefront is very organized. Good luck selling that at that price with all sales final written all over it. I've only had one problem with Plaza Japan and that was an order that didn't arrive at all, which we manage to sort it out but the item never got to my place. Posted August 27,

Feb 25,  · An eBay glitch split my one order into to. I had received a confirmation of one part shipping, but not the other. It showed that I purchased a loco, but it wasn't shown as humorrmundiall.ga: N-Rail.
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Sep 09,  · With the packing done by Plaza Japan is similar to other internet Hobby Shops, I wouldn't say that Plaza Japan doesn't look after the item but it could be the shipping and postage (after customs to the postal service) things can go wrong.
So Plaza Japan has had a very successful and positive selling history on eBay. Plaza Japan mainly sells items like model trains, train sets, freight cars, locomotives, tracks, train scenery, train parts, passenger cars, transformers, and more.
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Plaza Japan humorrmundiall.ga

So this store is very easy to navigate. Each listing has multiple clear and large pictures, so you can clearly see what is included in the listing. The quality of their listings is about as good as it gets on eBay. You get all sorts of pictures, sizes, weights, package contents, etc. Their attention to detail, and their excellent feedback really makes you feel secure in shopping from this eBay store. As does their day hassle free returns policy. No need to email back for a return authorization, or deal with with annoying emails back and forth.

You just click on return, and send it back. Have you shopped at this store before? If you have, leave a comment below and share your experience. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When I first started buying Japanese around 5 years ago there was little choice of dealers.

The Rainbowten items arrived 10 days later and the hobby world arrived 5 weeks later. This was repeated with another order. Hobbysearch also didn't speak English. I rather like to see images of what is available. Having said that some of my Rainbowten items were very very cheap offers. HobbySearch has interns on a six month rotation who do speak English. It kills me that I established a really good working relation with one of them, only for him to rotate out and a new person came in, and had to start over again.

Now, she's gone and a new English relations person came in. I've found Hobby World items to be slow getting out Shizuoka to the closest international airport. Sometimes it took an EMS item a day or two to show up on tracking. Untill now, I have always received well packed items.

But I always buy 4 or 5 items to reduce shipping cost. Even though I hadn't opened the item, I found out then that there was a "no return policy". I did keep the Tomix and to my surprise it did convert to DCC with no problems. If you receive a defective or incorrect item, we will exchange for the same item at no extra charge. In such cases, we must receive a report from you via e-mail within 1 week from the delivery date.

HobbySearch does not allow any returns other than for a damage item either. I know as they are holding a hard line with me on my vacation hold maruka pre-order snafu. Im a bit disappointed as i am a long time customer and have dropped a lot of money with them as well as recommended them to a lot of folks.

I can understand plaza and other japanese hobby shops not wanting to do an return if the person ordered the wrong item or decide they just dont want it. I received my 2nd order from Plaza Japan just this week - the first was about nine months ago - and I am very pleased with the service - my shipments arrive quickly and are beautifully packed - and when Hobby Search is unable to provide a limited edition item at least in my case Plaza Japan had it for me. In North America, we are 'spoiled' with refund policy while in other countries, there is no such thing.

This is especially true in Asian countries and some European countries where only exchange is the norm. Before people will jump to conclusion, we North Americans must realize that our prices have included an extra fee for refunds.

My solution to this is to ask the seller to test the engine and open the box to inspect the merchandise before sending it to me. You will get no help at all. I realize that returns are not very practical for the japanese stuff. I do agree we have a stronger return mentality here in n america than in a lot of the rest of the world, so it is hard to expect that when you buy from overseas where that is not the case.

As i entered the hobby i discovered stuff was of great quality and pretty all much better than the us stuff i could get. As time went on i have had a few problems, but for the amount i have gotten this is a very small percentage and I have always been able to figure out a fix. Plaza has 5 neutral feedbacks from a total of in the last 12 months.

There are no negatives. Plaza are also a power seller and will want to keep that status. I wouldn't worry too much about dealing with them, they must dread the possibility of bad feedback. Refusing returns may end up with this, but really once an item is sold, unless there is a fault, that's it. I can remember when they first started and had very few sales-small beginnings indeed.

But I have never used them. Good to look at what is available. I'm amazed with the motorized chassis that it's that much. Still half the cost of the KATO, but still. I love Plaza Japan but he got to make a living. I find that a number of his product prizes are reaching Kato's MSP, sometimes more. I think the mechanism is expensive as its articulated and thus probably a lot more difficult to produce. From what doug said katos has been in development the last 2 or 3 years.

I have bought from both Hobby Search and Plaza Japan for N scale items previously - now I am going into Japanese HO and will order from both as I have always been pleased with their service - I'll be listing the N scale items, all new in the box, for sale.

I also find his shipping prices are very competitive and cheaper than HS. However, most of the items on the newly returned HS Bargain page are cheap.

Plaza Japan followers plazajapan ( plazajapan's Feedback score is ) % plazajapan has % positive Feedback We offer tracks, structures, parts wide variety of . Plaza Japan Shop - humorrmundiall.ga Find great deals on eBay for plaza japan. Shop with confidence.