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Cardi's customer service absolutely failed at their job. The two delivery gentlemen were very apologetic for the mistake that they made and I don't blame them at all. I was more upset of the fact of the customer service representative lied to me instead of telling me it would be a while like two hours because then I would've went to bed.1/5.

I would give negative stars if I could.

Cardis Furniture Customer Service Phone Number Phone Number of Cardis Furniture is +1-() Cardi's is an American furniture company selling Home Furniture for various purposes.
I wanted to thank Alison and Russ with Cardi's Customer Service for helping me out replacing the casings to my outside patio cushions. Initially I was not pleased with the customer service received, but Alison took the time to reach out and research options. She was thorough, polite and very professional/5(57).
Contact Us page contains a detailed list of phones, emails and company physical address to let you contact our representative of any department.
Contact Us page contains a detailed list of phones, emails and company physical address to let you contact our representative of any department.
Clerical & Customer Service Careers Our clerical and customer service positions in our Swansea, MA Corporate Office and various showroom Business Office provide world class service and support to the operations and sales divisions of our company as well as our valued customers.
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For nearly years Cardi's has offered an extensive selection of home furnishings at great prices, backed by unparalleled customer service. Learn more about Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses - 3/5(71).

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Our system shows no record of any inbound calls from this consumer. Per the consumer's request we will cease calls to phone number - -. Should the consumer wish to resolve this mattershe may contact us directly. First, this consumer is not a customer of our office. Second, contrary to the consumer's statement, our first call to the phone number provided in the complaint was made this month. The phone number was marked accordingly at that time and no additional calls have been placed since. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. To Whom It May Concern: First, there is no one in our office with the name, or any similar name to that referenced in the consumer complaint.

Second, contrary to the consumer's statement that she has received harassing calls, only one phone call was made by our office to the consumer supplied phone That phone call was not answered. Lastly, at no time did any employee of this office threaten litigation or wage garnishment.

All statements within this complaint are completely false and represent a written defamation against this office. Additional information is available should the Revdex. At this time our office will consider the consumer's libelous complaint as a request to cease and desist and will proceed accordingly.

Hi, I filed a complaint against this company [redacted] The calls stopped so the complaint was closed. Since then, the calls have started again so clearly they do have my number. I would like them to permanently purge my number as I have no outstanding debt and they are calling in error.

If there's any way to keep them from these practices entirely, that would be even more useful since they are likely more vulnerable people getting these calls who may give them money in error. Our office is in receipt of the above referenced complaint. The allegation that our office communicated via telephone to this consumer's family members, ex-wives and several associates that we want the consumer to 'go and give them a payment at their website We have only attempted to reach the consumer at 2 different phone numbers.

One of which the consumer has identified as his own in this very complaint. Possibly his family members, multiple ex-wives and several associates all share the other phone number. Even so, no one from our office was able to speak with anyone at either number.

Lastly, again contrary to the allegations in the consumer's complaint, our office did not pull a credit report on this consumer,Should the Revdex. The consumer may contact us for further information. The consumer's request for an alternative payment plan has been documented.

Additional information will be provided to the consumer as our office received the same. In the meantime, the consumer may contact our office with questions or to remit their newly promised How did they get these numbers? Also, they say this is to collect a debt, but they won't say what company is saying I owe them money. I never took any type of loans from anybody in Pennsylvania so I don't know why they're harassing me and calling family members.

I'm not making allegations, I'm telling the truth. And I think I deserve an explanation of how my personal information got into the hands of a Law Firm in Pennsylvania. We are unable to locate phone number - - in our system.

If the calls referenced in this complaint were made to a different phone number, we will need that information to confirm removal. Otherwise, in accordance with our previous communication with To Whom it May Concern: In accordance with the consumers request within this complaint, our office has ceased communication in regard to this file.

We are unable to locate the provided phone number in our system. If the consumer can please provide the phone number where they are receiving calls we may reply to their inquiry. Second, our office never responded to the consumer's inquiry stating that we did not have phone number - - in our system. Rather we stated that we did not have phone number - - in our system, which is the phone number the consumer provided in their original complaint, Now that the consumer has provided the actual phone number where they were being contacted, [redacted], we have been able to update our system accordingly.

Cardi's Furniture

Submit A Service Claim If you are having a concern with your merchandise that requires service, please enter your information below. To assist us in locating your original order in the system and correct furniture item, please include a detailed description of the . The Customer Service Department is open Monday - Saturday, 7am - pm and Sunday 8am - 7pm. Careers If you have any questions regarding career opportunities at Cardi’s Furniture, please . Cardis Furniture Customer Service Phone Number Phone Number of Cardis Furniture is +1-() Cardi's is an American furniture company selling Home Furniture for various purposes.