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Lie, blackmail and steal in this point and click adventure for Mac, Windows and Linux!

Alpha players cannot train skills for some advanced ship types or modules, including all Tech 2 ships and most Tech 2 modules. Run, jump, slide, rush and surf through, over and under various obstacles through temples, exotic landscapes, bridges and subways while you collect precious gems, special powers and coins. The Second Genesis Announced". Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Eve Online (stylised EVE Online) is a space-based, persistent world massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by CCP humorrmundiall.gas of Eve Online can participate in a number of in-game professions and activities, including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat (both player versus environment and player versus player).
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Lie, blackmail and steal in this point and click adventure for Mac, Windows and Linux!
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The eleventh expansion of Eve Online , "Apocrypha," was released on March 10, , and introduced features such as further graphics updates as started in the Trinity expansion; the ability for players to group their vessels' weapons for easier interaction; [] changes to autopilot routes and avoidance of player-defined star systems.

Over time, expansions have added features such as conquerable and constructible space stations, massive capital ships, advanced versions of existing ships, or Epic Arcs for players to master. Apocrypha included an overhauled probing system, wormholes, a smarter and tougher AI and customizable Tech 3 ships as its major features.

It also included a redesign of the UI and in-game mailing system. Tyrannis added new features, such as the ability to exploit planetary resources, a social networking program called EVE Gate, new technology for ships, and graphical updates.

On May 6, at their yearly Fanfest convention, CCP announced the move from the current development cycle of two expansions per year, to ten feature-releases per year on a rapid release cycle.

Senior Producer of EVE Online Andie Nordgren CCP Seagull stated that the move was to necessary for future developments to have a more flexible release cycle, rather than the deadline imposed on the previous system, allowing smaller patches and changes to be deployed more rapidly and large projects not having to be rushed due to the expansion deadline. However, in September , Nordgren announced that CCP, while continuing with a five-week release cycle, would return to intermittently releasing large scale expansions for EVE.

She described the new release cycle as a "hybrid form", where expansions would be "a set of big, connected features" with no fixed number per year, while the feature-releases would continue to bring "quality of life changes, ship balance changes, visual upgrades" and other smaller additions.

The developers have been working on a game feature to allow players to exit pods and interact with other player avatars in the communal setting of a station interior. The ability to enter a planet's atmosphere and to interact with its surface is mentioned as one of the future development plans. The "Future Vision" trailer portrays Dreadnaught-class ships performing planetary orbital bombardments on Dust battlefields. The first glimpse trailer of Dust ended with a ship exploding in the atmosphere.

However, the interaction between Dust and Eve has not been fully defined and no official confirmation has yet been provided.

At Eve Fanfest , a working prototype was demonstrated in which a Caldari Crow interceptor could be seen navigating a makeshift landscape superimposed on a nebula. However, this effort was later abandoned. CCP has stated that full-scale integration of such features requires an enormous effort and is only planned for post-Revelations expansion production phases, According to developers, players hired by Eve Online alliances would fight over planets.

According to Eve Online Creative Director Torfi Frans Ólafsson, at the recent Eve Online Fanfest, the Dominion release is planned to involve sovereignty, the ownership of districts on planets that are capable of creating industry.

The latter allows for linking with Dust , whereby players within Eve Online will be able to contract, in-game, Dust players to take control of planetary regions within the Eve Online universe and these 'mercenaries' will then vie with other Dust players hired by the opposing faction. A digital soundtrack titled EVE Online: The soundtrack has since been removed from iTunes. The game itself contains an extensive in-game soundtrack.

On December 4, , the "Retribution" expansion of Eve Online was released. Among its features was the removal of the Jukebox, which enabled players to select their favorite songs to play. Piracy in the ship-to-ship sense is part of the game, as is protection racketeering , theft, and ransom. One infamous example was a corporate infiltration and heist where one corporation infiltrated a target corporation over the course of nearly a year.

They then performed a virtual assassination on the target's CEO and proceeded to steal corporate property to which they had gained access. In , a player alliance known as Goonswarm was contacted by a disgruntled director of rival alliance Band of Brothers, one of the largest alliances in the game at that time.

The defecting director then stripped Band of Brothers of a large quantity of assets including ships, money and territory, and disbanded the alliance. A player-run bank known as 'EBank' was also involved in controversy in when Ricdic, the CEO of the bank, withdrew billion ISK and converted it into real world currency to pay for medical expenses.

Such dangers are an inherent part of Eve Online' s virtual economy and thus are purposely not dealt with by the developers. The most common acts of piracy in Eve are ganking , gate camping , and small gang warfare. Every pirate corporation in Eve Online has its own preferred activities, strategies, and tactics. Some utilize cheap but high damage ships to "suicide gank" and kill players in high-security space where they should theoretically be safe quickly before CONCORD law enforcement units arrive to destroy them thus "suiciding" , in the knowledge that certain ships they destroy will be carrying valuable commodities or expensive gear capable of recovering the cost of the pirate vessels lost in the gank.

Others choose to set up gate camping fleets consisting of varied ship types and roles capable of rapidly disabling and destroying any unwitting passersby, thereby locking down star systems and killing or robbing whoever tries to pass through. Other pirates choose to roam in very fast and versatile skirmish ships, such as interceptors, recons, or heavy assault ships, killing anyone they encounter in lightning attacks.

On gaining the upper hand in a fight many pirates will ask the victim for an ISK ransom, in exchange for sparing their ship or escape pod. Suicide ganking has declined in overall popularity since the release of the Crucible expansion; while players may opt to insure their ships against loss using in-game currency, pilots will no longer be reimbursed if their ship is destroyed by CONCORD.

Such changes have been the subject of intense debate on the game's official forums, with opinions divided on whether or not players should be truly 'safe' while flying. Instances of developer misconduct in Eve Online have been substantiated, leading to debates and controversy.

On February 9, , a player known as Kugutsumen [ citation needed ] hacked an enemy corporation's private forum to find out and reveal that Eve Online developer t20 had provided his corporation, Reikoku, with six valuable blueprints, giving them an advantage over competing corporations.

While an apology letter was left for the community in the form of a dev blog, he remained an Eve Online developer until late Kugutsumen was permanently banned from the Eve Online universe for violating the game's terms of service and end-user license agreement by revealing t20's real name. In response to public concerns, CCP decided to set up an internal affairs division whose responsibility is to monitor the activities of both privileged and player accounts operated by CCP staff in-game.

In part due to the matters above, CCP invited users to stand for the first Council of Stellar Management CSM in March , resulting in 66 candidates seeking election to nine positions. The remit of the Council has been changed since it was first proposed and is now seen by CCP primarily as a route for players to make requests for changes and improvements to the game mechanics, presentation, and game content of Eve Online.

The first four Councils served for six months, after which new ones were to be elected. The following third Council of Stellar Management included a modified age restriction: Beginning with the eighth CSM, a single transferable vote system was introduced, allowing voters to select up to 14 candidates.

Users start playing Eve Online by creating a free account known as an Alpha account , being invited to the game as via the game's Recruit-A-Friend program, or purchasing the Eve Online Special Edition retail box. The accounts through the Recruit-A-Friend program function identically to normal Alpha accounts, but start with some additional unallocated skill points worth approximately days worth of training time on their first character.

In addition, if the recruited account is subsequently converted to a subscription account known as an Omega account , the referrer is rewarded with 30 free days of subscription time or the equivalent amount of PLEX. Alpha accounts are free and allow players to access most of the Eve Online game, with exceptions.

Alpha players cannot train skills for some advanced ship types or modules, including all Tech 2 ships and most Tech 2 modules. Alpha accounts can also only passive train up to 5 million skill points using the normal skill training system. After that limit, the only way they can acquire more skill points is by converting to Omega, or by using skill point injectors available on the in-game market. In December, , an additional item called a Daily Alpha Injector was added to the game, available for purchase via the official game store for PLEX.

This allows Alpha accounts to progress at a similar rate and cost to an Omega account even beyond the 5 million skill point limit, but to purchase that progression in smaller increments than a full day subscription. Alpha accounts are limited to a specific list of skills and levels in those skills, and are unable to inject skill points into disallowed skills or beyond the maximum level in allowed skills.

Alpha accounts have approximately Omega accounts that lapse on their subscription are downgraded to Alpha accounts. These accounts don't lose any skill points or skills, but any skills or skill levels beyond those allowed for an Alpha account are inactive and cannot be used to fulfill the prerequisites of modules or ships, nor do the passive effects of those skills take effect.

Functionally, Omega accounts that lapse into Alpha accounts can only access and use any of those skills that are on the Alpha skill list and thus may not be able to fly ships that they could as an Omega pilot , but if they later upgrade back to Omega, they regain access to their full skill list.

Before then, they were also offered in , , , and day increments. Discontinued cards remain valid. Players using ETCs are treated like normal subscribers in every way. Both provide the exact amount of specified game time, are entered into the same account section and can be exchanged between players for ISK using a secure exchange system facilitated by a "Timecode Bazaar" forum. PLEX is the reason that the cost of in-game assets can be translated into real-life money.

As of March 10, , a boxed edition is available in shops. The distribution is being managed by Atari. Although marketed as included in the retail box, the bonus items are only available to new accounts created with the day ETC.

Eve Online received mixed reviews at the launch of the game in but more favorable reviews later in its lifecycle. The game is showcased as a "day in the universe" video. Furthermore, CCP Games contributed a large amount of data from its servers, which were compiled to produce a "stunning view" of the accomplishments of player collaborations.

In , CCP said that they had made deals to create both a comic book and a television series based on Eve Online. The comic, titled Eve: True Stories , was released by Dark Horse Comics and made available for free online in As of May , no information has been given about the title or the premiere date of the television series.

The storylines from both the graphic novel and the television series will be based on actual player-driven events that happened in the game. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding or removing subheadings.

May 6, UK: May 6, EU: Gameplay of Eve Online. This section may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Expansions of Eve Online. This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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