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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. True Blue Beans Hang Tag: Gabriela ReyesJanuary 5, at 2: When all is said and done, the value of a Princess Beanie Baby bear is the amount a willing buyer has paid to a willing seller in a completed transaction, with no incorrect or fabricated information about the item having been provided by the seller. I hope that helps!

Every baby needs at least one bear beanie in their collection! This highly textured hat is thick, and warm. It would also make a cute photo prop.
This pattern was designed by a Craftsy independent design partner! You'll purchase through PayPal and all profits go to the designer. After purchase find your pattern in your pattern library. This adorable newborn baby beanie is incredibly easy, only simple crochet skills are required. There's.
None of the Ty Teenie Beanie Babies associated with the McDonald’s promotion starting in are worth anything. Customers who purchased a Happy Meal from McDonald’s during the various promotions were given a Ty Teenie Beanie.
Employee Bear (Green or Red Ribbon) Value: $2,$3, Source for list and prices: Zac Bissonnette.
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Every baby needs at least one bear beanie in their collection! This highly textured hat is thick, and warm. It would also make a cute photo prop.

A shift of production like this from one country to another raises obvious questions. Answers to these questions could have a definite bearing on Princess versions and values. Given the absence of credible information or release of official documents from Ty however, these questions may never be answered.

Did production in China and Indonesia begin simultaneously? When Ty stopped production in Indonesia, were unused fabrics, pellets and tags transferred to the Chinese factories? Was there any timeline break in production at the Chinese facilities? How many Princess bears were actually made during the first production period in China, the production period in Indonesia, and the production period in China after production in Indonesia was halted? Post-Indonesia Princess production in China The Princess bears made in China after production stopped in Indonesia may or may not have a Chinese factory stamp inside the tush tag.

Made during second production period in China ST 4 Second production period in China ST 4a "Gosport" misspelled "Gasport" on left inside of swing tag The Princess bears made during the second period of production in China have tush tags like the one shown below. Most not all of the tush tags from this production period have a red stamp inside the loop of the tush tag that represents the Chinese factory of origin.

It isn't known how many different numbered stamps there are for Princess. We can confirm the existence of numbers , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and Number has been reported but we can not confirm that one.

When you look at the tag below with the number inside the circular stamp, it is easy to see why the last number might be interpreted to be a "7" instead of a "1. Tush tag number was confirmed with photos sent by Suzanne Bryan from Winchester, Indiana. Princess is not the only Beanie Baby produced with Chinese factory stamps inside the tush tags. Several other Beanie Babies produced during that period also have the same types of stamps with various numbers inside their tush tags.

Some sellers take advantage of this confusion by placing extra emphasis on the "number. Canada customs tags Canada has regulations that require a special tag be attached to plush products imported from other countries.

Referred to by most Ty collectors as "extra Canadian tush tags," these tags were attached to Princess bears produced in Indonesia and then in China during the second production period. Princess Beanie Babies with these tags were destined to be sold by retailers in Canada. For any of the other versions of Princess , the Canada tush tag adds only one or two dollars to the value of the Beanie Baby. The writer of the original article as is usual with these types of articles used "listing" prices on eBay, as opposed to the prices buyers have actually paid for Princess over the past 30 - 60 days, to support the premise that Princess is valuable.

We are truly sad so many peoples' hopes were mistakenly raised by reading a fraudulent article that suggested they might own a rare and valuable Princess Beanie Baby. We feel even worse about amateur speculators who were tricked or motivated by the incorrect articles to pay atrociously high prices for Princess on eBay for the weeks following the publication of the misleading articles. Prices being paid for Princess on eBay rose across the board for almost all versions due to the incorrect newspaper articles.

The number of Princess Beanie Babies listed on eBay also rose by more than 40 percent after the articles were published, once again demonstrating that Princess is not "rare. That same cycle was repeated after the erroneous media articles in the UK.

Fr aud Alert January 14, From time to time, prices paid by buyers on eBay for the Princess Beanie Baby increase dramatically for a short period of time. This generally happens when a blogger, a personality on a TV show or a news reporter claims Princess is valuable because it is selling for an extremely high price on eBay.

That of course, is an uninformed misrepresentation or sometimes an intentional deception designed to scam potential collectors who do not understand how eBay really works. Here is an example. Joe Gotcha has a crisp new one dollar bill. He even lists the serial number of the one dollar bill and claims in the listing it is a one of a kind item.

He's not really lying; there is only one dollar bill in existence with that serial number. Do you think anyone will bid on that one dollar bill? And naturally, Joe has listed those too at the lower prices in order to snag a few buyers who think they are getting a good deal. That is exactly what happened in early January with Princess. Tycollector was suddenly inundated with emails from Princess owners who wanted to know if it was true and also where they could sell the Princess they owned.

When we see spikes in the value of Princess Beanie Babies due to events like this, we do not use the outrageously high prices paid for Princess at eBay in our value computations for at least a day period. By then the secondary market has settled sufficiently to resume using all of the prices paid at eBay in our value formulas. During these temporary periods of artificial value hype we focus more on the prices being received by known "honest" collectors and dealers. The same thing happened in when an uninformed "appraiser" on a popular television show suggested a Princess Beanie found in an abandoned storage room could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on which version of Princess it happened to be.

That incorrect assessment was also based on what Princess was being "listed" for on eBay instead of the true indicator; the prices buyers actually "PAY" for Princess on eBay. We would gladly and immediately notify collectors if something transpired that would cause a dramatic increase in the value of a Princess Beanie Baby.

It would of course have to be something like a P. Speculation about Princess "variations" Collectors generally acknowledge that the Chinese and Indonesian versions of Princess are slightly different because of the different Indonesian-made fabrics used in production.

A few collectors claim they have discovered additional differences in Princess fabrics, embroidery, and color that suggest there are even more versions of Princess than previously believed.

Princess also exists in various sizes heights from 7. To date, we have not seen a credible and consistent difference that would relate the various sizes or tints of the purple fabric to the production timeline or country of manufacture. Speculators conveniently forget that Beanie Babies are hand-sewn by large groups of factory workers.

That is the explanation for size and other minor style differences in Princess and all other Beanie Babies as well. Differences in shades of Princess fabrics are likely due to minor variations in color consistency due to the dying process used on the fabrics. Color variations can also be created based on the conditions under which Princess is displayed or stored after purchase. Counterfeit versions of Princess exist. Check for the following common indicators before purchasing this Beanie Baby: The counterfeit Princess has a "made in China" no-space swing tag and a P.

The fabric on many counterfeit Princess Beanie Babies looks more like flannel than the normal plush fabric used for Beanie Babies. When you run your finger against the nap of the fabric on a counterfeit Princess , it feels rougher than the fabric of an authentic Beanie Baby. When brushing lightly back and forth across the fabric of an authentic Beanie Baby the fabric is smooth and gives little resistance. The neck ribbon of a counterfeit Princess is well made but only finished on one side.

The other side is dull. The ribbon on an authentic Princess is finished on both sides. The ribbon on some counterfeit Princess Beanies is also slightly wider than the ribbon an an authentic Princess.

The stem of the rose embroidered on the chest of a counterfeit Princess may be slightly wider and fuller than the stem of the rose on an authentic Princess. The swing tag on a counterfeit Princess can have several flaws including uneven width of the gold border around the tag, incorrect red color and incorrect or off-center spacing of the writing inside the yellow star.

Caution about eB ay Sellers! We have noticed an increasing number of eBay sellers estimating Princess values in their eBay listings. In most cases, there is absolutely no credible basis for these value estimates. If you as a potential buyer are sufficiently naive to believe sellers will HONESTLY estimate values on items they themselves are selling, you shouldn't be purchasing collectibles on eBay.

Seller estimates of value are a blatant conflict of interest. We have also seen that these personal opinion estimates tend to be highly inflated. The values we provide semiannually for Princess are based solely on recorded and legitimate current sales. We can be honest and impartial with value calculations because we do not buy and sell Princess Beanie Babies.

We have absolutely no vested interest in the value of Princess and provide the valuations as a service to collectors who need unbiased and credible information on which to base potential purchases. We do not provide this value service for any other Beanie Babies. That allows us to focus solely on the Princess values.

Printed value guides are a thing of the past because values change almost every day, due primarily to the new online secondary markets like eBay. To determine the values for Princess , we take all of the "sold listings" values completed transactions for each verifiable category of Princess during the previous day period and average those prices paid.

From time to time, an eBay sale is registered at an unusually high price so far out of the normal range for a particular variety of Princess , it is totally uncharacteristic and in our opinion should not be used to determine average values.

We also tend to omit sales at uncharacteristically high values when the seller has misrepresented the facts or otherwise attempted to manipulate the listing in order to make their Princess appear more valuable than the secondary market averages for that item. Online articles by Becky Estenssoro authenticator.

Princess values listed in this article are derived from eBay and other known secondary market sales. Values on this page are updated every six months based on sales activity for the previous four to six week period. Swing tag, tush tag and Princess Beanie Baby photos provided by Leon and Sondra Schlossberg, curators of the tycollector.

In November , Ty informed U. The "limited edition" rumors caused a buying frenzy when Princess first shipped in December When a different version of the Princess tush tag appeared, speculation about the variations caused even more confusion about Princess. Much of the "true" production history for the Princess Beanie Baby is still a mystery. New collectors are misled into believing Princess is valuable by uninformed, dishonest or deluded sellers on eBay who frequently attempt to sell or auction Princess for prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

This is a lengthy article. If you are only interested in the current value of Princess , refer to the value table below. Collectors interested in additional information about the history and value of Princess , should read the article that follows the "value table" section. Current Princess Beanie Baby Values. I hope that helps! Love your pattern — as I love post stitches! Question — why do my bobbles look better on the wrong side? They are hardly noticeable on the right side — I keep trying to push them to the right side I did the mo size - What am I doing wrong??

Thanks for a great pattern! You might try pushing the bobble forward before tacking it down with the sc in the next stitch. Many times I have to push my bobbles forward too. These bobbles are smaller fewer stitches than the typical bobble, which is made up of 5 dc together in the same stitch, so it won't "pop" quite as much. I wanted the texture to be there, but not be over-powering.

I turned my work and did the bobble round the opposite way so they would stick out better. I love all the different the textures of this hat! I just saw this pattern posted on fb. I'm wondering if you could tell me what the pattern stitch count is?

My son is 26 yrs, but I would really like to make it for ME! My head is ginormous at 24"! I have great difficulty making hats to fit, either they end up too small or too big.

Just like in Goldilocks, I'm looking for just right!???? The gauge is 15 stitches to 4" using a 4mm hook. I picked up some Scarfie yarn this afternoon to play with, since quite a few people have wanted an adult size, so hopefully I'll be able to confirm those suggestions soon, and get you a pattern that will be "just right". Your hat pattern is so cute! I've made the hat for a teacher's newly adopted baby.

But my ears aren't coming out like the picture. Is there a trick to how they are sewn on? I'm starting over again, may be that I read the directions wrong. You'll want to make sure the ears are flat before you sew them on.

Lay the hat flat, and position the flattened ears along the edge of the hat, then sew them on. I usually leave a 12" tail when cutting my yarn n the ears, to sew them on with.

In round 4 for the 2 fpdc around bpdc from round 3, do you skip a fpdc from round 3 to get to the dpdc? Or is my round 3 wrong? You shouldn't be skipping any stitches, but you will be switching from starting the rounds with fpdc, to starting with bpdc. You'll switch back in another couple rounds. This is what will make the basket weave pattern. I've never done the post stitches before… and even with your disclaimer I still took on the task… I'll be happy in more ways than one when this hat is finished.

I'm praying my tension is ok and it fits my niece's head. Adorable pattern, thank you so much for sharing! I just found out my mom is pregnant with baby 4 and I saw this pattern and just about died! Will for sure be making this in every color! I get the fphdc in the first fphdc from the previous round. But where exactly do you do the hdc after that!? The hdc goes in the next stitch after the FPhdc. It should start to look like ribbing. I was trying to find a stitch in line with the top of the fphdc from the stitch before.

Not just going in to the actual next stitch at the bottom. Thanks for your response though. How did you keep 60 stitches while doing dc3tog because every time I follow the step it decreases my stitches! Hi, thank you for lovely pattern!

With 2 rounds of BP stitches, that should push the ridges forward to the outside. Many thanks again xx. I figured out everything but the first slip stitch mentioned… when I do it, it causes my entire circle to fold in half? Where am I going wrong?

The slip stitch is how you will join your first stitch to the final stitch of the round. When you finish the round, the first and last stitch should be side-by-side, so the slip stitch is just going over one stitch. This beanie is so cute! I have trouble reading written crochet patterns…. I may do a crochet-along next spring for it. This pattern is fantastic! To make the one for my son do you think a 4 hook would be small enough? Thanks for the pattern it worked up so fast!

Playing around with things is probably the best course of action though. This is a wonderful pattern. Thank you for the pattern! Yes, the top should be flat as the circle gets wider. It will start to curve as you work the rest of the hat. Hi Kenza, You could try using a chunky 5 weight yarn, and maybe a 6 or 6. Please let me know if that works if you make it! Made a newborn and month for gifts. Should I use a 5. You could try that, but I have no idea if it will work for sure.

Play around with it and see! Any recommendations for making this in adult size? Is there a certain multiple of stitches to stick with? I want to make it without the ears for me. I made one for my 4 year old daughter and just went up a hook size and followed the toddler pattern. You could try using bulky 5 yarn, and a 6. I believe someone did that and had success. YouTube has some good tutorials for those stitches. I love this hat!!

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