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The arrived within the allotted time frame! This could potentially mean the difference between winning and losing! They are made of a high quality anti-itch fabric that is breathable. They are somewhat of a compression tight, so they need to be pulled up at the knees and ankles first, then the thighs, then the hips. Other than feeling the compression on your muscle groups and a hightened sense of your legs' positions, you feel stark naked.

MR gives you five of the best running tights to keep you warm this Christmas ASICS ESS Winter Tight – £40 This no-nonsense design from ASICS is fitted with the industry’s most effective chill neutraliser.
Shop for Men's Running Pants and Tights at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. % Satisfaction Guarantee.
Criteria for Picking Out the Best Nike Running Tights. As a runner, you need to choose the best athletic wear for your specific needs. Running tights are more than just a fashion statement, though.
Top 3 Running Tights Reviews 1. Compression Pants. Compression Pants are the best running tights for men. They are made of a high quality anti-itch fabric that is breathable. They are stretchy and snugly fit the body and they help to keep you dry as you run.
Adidas Men’s Response Long Tights: We saw some decent customer reviews of this pair for general-purpose running, but our testers found it to be too tight, too pricey, and not nearly warm enough. Nike OTC65 Track Men’s Running Pants: This design offers some convenient features, including zippered side pockets and ankle cuffs.

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Men's Running Pants & Tights store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

A man came and sat next to me. He looked me deep in my eyes and I felt the warmth of his heavy cotton Champion Retro Fitted Jogging Sweatpants touch my hand. Good fit Great looking pair of sweats, I am about and 5'11 and these actually fit me correctly.

I ordered a size small. That being said, these sweats are near perfect size for me at L. They are neither baggy or too tight, and because the bottoms are cuffed they stay at your ankles. They also taper slighty towards the ankle. Supportive, not constricting, and perfect for Winter running! Better for me than expected. I went with compression gear last August to assist me in my Boston Qualifying Marathon training after a lingering knee issue I'm thinking I qualified in the age group with a BQ I didn't want to wear a compression brace as I didn't always need one.

I wore the shorts on every training run over miles, and all races of any length. I deliberated over which Tight would be best based on my needs, other reviews, and even the special care they may need for laundering Regular wash, hang dry. I bought these thinking that I was making a compromise on warmth to get the support in areas I wanted Swallowed my manly pride and decided to try out a pair of running tights.

There were several challenges: Which model of running tights? CW-X was a no-brainer but they have several models 2. I ended up choosing the Pro medium. On the day of the race, start temperatures were around 25 deg F. The tights kept me warm and the legs working together until the finish line. I didn't PR, but at least I finished sub And that with a bad hamstring.

By The Silicon Valley Geek. Great pair of compression pants I am just coming off an injury and it has been slow going, so I started looking into compression clothing. I was leary at first about buying the full pants for many reasons, one being that they would get to hot and that they would constrict my movement to much. I was wrong on all accounts. These things are great. I have been sore constantly for the last month trying to get back into shape, but with these things that's not the case.

I was able to were them through my run and workout and then left them on for awhile after for recovery. It got up to 70 degrees while I was out and still wasn't to hot. When I took them off my legs felt great no pain at all, still a little tired obviously but they almost felt fresh just a 30 min later.

I was worried about sizing because it's my first time ordering anything like this but large fit perfectly. I'm 6 foot, pounds, muscular build and i have a waist, muscular build and these fit perfectly. My only problem is getting theme past my feet size 14 shoe size in mens but after i get past that part these are great for the gym and running! Another thing, wear briefs under these. These little to the imagination and when you sweat it WILL show no matter what color you get.

I will get another pair! Also for those not used to washing this type of fabric wash: Good value I am happy with these. They provide sun protection I get no tan or burn after four hours in the sun without being too warm, and are very light weight grams for medium.

They are sheer, so if you are modest, you might want to wear shorts over them, or only wear them in private. I use them for cycling, and wear a pair of very light shorts over them. This turned out to be a great thing when I crashed, since the shorts slipped over these tights, saving my bum from the worst of the initial slide. The tights ended up with a large hole in them, but I can probably repair it.

These don't provide much in the way of compression, but do fit very snugly and move with you, with very little resistance. Better than expected - so far so good I decided that I needed some "tights" to run in colder weather. This was a newer concept for me living down south, and I really prefer to run in shorts.

However when it gets down to the degree range, its too much for me to deal with, so I ordered some of these.

They were in an envelope that would have been the same size. I'm knocking some kudos off for that. First impression when opening them, is that they are WAY too small.

I read other reviews that said the same thing. They fit me well, and I'm "average" size for an American, maybe slightly larger. They stuck where they were supposed to, and kept me warm. Women Size Chart I bought the small and the medium at the same time because I wasn't sure which size would fit best. BUT if you can't afford to spot two leggings worth then here's my stats! I liked the fit of the medium better, it's still good compression but I have a short torso and the small "x" didn't hit my hamstrings and shins in the right spot.

I read through the reviews here before purchasing them, and I'll echo what most reviewers have said and add my own thoughts: I'm 5'7", lbs, and have the thighs and butt of a cyclist, and ordered a small.

On the size chart I was in a grey area, and probably could have gone either way. However, since these are compression pants they're supposed to do just that - compress! They looked small when I got them, but once they were on they felt perfect. If you want the benefits compression offers, then go with the size on the size chart. Or you could size up, but that pretty much makes them pointless expensive leggings. Now I'm a believer! I'm a marathoner and I really love these tights!

I'm in my 40s and have been running full marathons the last 10years but this is my 1st year wearing any type of compression stuff. I almost feel like I'm cheating when I see my fellow marathoners with just regular shorts on now! Really, I hope they won't ban us from wearing these tights! I finally PRed this fall and I really think it had a lot to do with wearing these tights! As for the size, I wear size 2 short length pants usually. Great fit These sweatpants look and feel very high quality.

The taper of the legs is just right so that they do not look like parachute pants on a skinny boy like myself. The only thing that I want to mention is that they are heavy and have a band at the bottom, which results in them trapping a lot of heat.

I only wear them before and after I work out because they are so warm. Also, it's probably a good idea to wash them inside-out when you get them because there are a lot of fuzzies. Thanks for reading and have a great day! Its great pants, but its a bit larger than it Its great pants, but its a bit larger than it seems I'm a slim man 5"10, and it seems more baggy than actual joggers. I have other joggers of the same measurement but they feel slimmer.

These just seem like sweat pants. I used to be lbs and have always been nervous to wear something like these pants I don't even know where to begin!

So I am 6'2 and lbs. I used to be lbs and have always been nervous to wear something like these pants. I took a chance and guestimated which size I should purchase. I got the 4X and they fit very well. I wore shorts over them not yet comfy with my size but they match my workout shoes and we had a workout event for work. I received many compliments and they felt amazing!

Read reviews for sizing recommendations - Great purchase!!! I am 6'0" - lbs. Delivery was quick; Reading fellow reviews helped my sizing decision, also bought the matching top. If you are not athletic in build go 2 sizes up, athletic build above 5'10" go 1 size up. Super snug stick to normal sizing. I used it under my riding leathers for Racing and I had no irritation, felt ventilated, good skin barrier protection. Because I went up 2 sizes it fit a lil longer but it was comfortable.

High waist fit - yes! No "matted wear" after use Camo is cool looking Held up well as underlayer for racing leathers I only used it once Bang for your buck. I bought them as a gag and These fit close to how I'd imagine leggings fitting. I bought them as a gag and ended up wearing them a lot on my cardio days. Better Than I Expected I love these sweats!

They fit as expected and are extremely comfortable. These sweatpants are perfect. They are relatively thick These sweatpants are perfect. They are relatively thick, so they are warm enough to wear outside when it's a little chilly, but they also are light weight enough to work out in. The size is totally accurate. I have a 32" waist so I got a large. I probably could have gotten an xl because I like my sweatpants a little baggier, but these still look nice.

I pull the cuffs up to just under my knees and either wear calf socks or under Armour underneath the sweatpants, so it works out. I'm glad I did. I plan on getting more. He is 6 ft. The pro Cube Joggers Were made of good quality fleece Overall these sweat are well made, and the price is great!

I would recommend both Seller and product. The arrived within the allotted time frame! Contrary to many of the reviews here, I found them to fit as they should. I'm 6'1", lbs and bought a size large.

They are somewhat of a compression tight, so they need to be pulled up at the knees and ankles first, then the thighs, then the hips. When put on in this way, I think you will find that they aren't too long at the ankles, nor too low at the waste as some folks have reported. I've washed them 10 times so far with no degradation in fit or wear. I've bought other items of clothing from this company since, and they have also been of good quality.

By Tim Tom Mulroney. Best bang for your buck. I purchased these mostly because of the price and the reviews. I was not disappointed at all! I am pounds have a 34 inch waist with a 31 inch in seem. I purchased the large size and everything fits great, but they are a bit long. There is some extra material around the ankles and knees, however that does not detract from them being very comfortable or from my fitness performance. If it doesn't look quite right to others, well to bad, I'm not in a fashion show, and for the money, I don't care.

The excess is not excessive. And yes they keep you comfortable in cold weather as well. I have run in 17 degree weather with a breeze and a wind chill of 7 degrees. Chilly at first, but after I warmed up, yes it is possible in single digit weather , these tights worked wonderfully. I have a similar, much more expensive pair of running tights with similar features Sugoi Zap Midzero which I love, and this product compares favorably. Size M fits me well.

I usually wear 31 waist x 30 inseam pants. Fabric is slightly thinner, and stretchier than the fabric used in the Zap Midzero. It's comfy and warm. Back zipper pocket is huge. I was able to cram in 6 gels without stretching it too much. However, there are a few minor things I dislike. I think a thinner string that is a few inches shorter would be ideal.

Favorite workout item to wear Very comfortable! I'm 6', lbs and I bought a large; they fit as expected and are very comfortable. If you're that tall but under lbs you may want the medium or they could be a little baggy. They fit good, but a TAD bit on the small side Im 5'11", lbs, and orders a Medium based on the sizing chart. They fit good, but a TAD bit on the small side. I find that the bottoms often rise above my knee. I may order a large and see if they fit better. Good for sports, great for everyday use.

I will be getting another pair - as long johns. I have bad knees, and when they are feeling swollen sometimes I like to wear these under my pants instead of regular boxers and they help keep the swelling down through gentle compression. However, I felt the compression on those was too much for non-sports use.

These are great for everyday use, as well as for sports. I ordered a Large and it fit well; I am 6'4", lbs. Perfect for cold weather! Ultimately decided on these because I liked the patterns and the price. I've also used them before when backpacking overnight. They are supposed to be! I am lbs, 30in waist, 6'0'' and bought a small.

I wear shorts or sweat pants over compression tights if I'm in public, but if you wear the tights by themselves you're definitely going to want to skip these. The material is very thin, much thinner than the other UA tights I've tried.

This, along with the meshy material, gives the added advantage of being cooler and dryer, but at the expense of being see-through, especially if you stretch the material read: Additionally, the compression from these did not feel as substantial as the other UA tights I've tried.

If you value being cool and dry above all else, definitely pick these up, but the material is not as substantial as UA's other products. These are great and comfortable pants. The first time I wore them to the gym, a nice looking woman complimented me on them and said she liked my pants! By Elder Statesman Doctor. Very nice fitting pants I love these pants. They are a very good fit and a nice cut. I usually have trouble finding size medium casual pants that fit my 33" inseam but these work.

The fit is perfect, not tight like leggings and not overly loose like track pants. I generally would not wear something like this in public but would not be embarrassed to be seen in them since they fit so nicely.

I've worn them for yoga but generally just wear them as lounge pants around the house. I liked them so much that I bought a second pair. Just what I was looking for They're perfect! They fit nicely, not too snug. I'm bigger through the hips, and despite being fitted because they're joggers, they fit nice through the hips and the pockets lay flat.

Features such as fleece- or brushed-back fabrics can add an extra layer of warmth through insulation, as can the composition of the fabric itself. For example, polyester is generally considered to be slightly more breathable than nylon. But how warm you need your leggings to be may also depend on whether you intend to use them as your base layer or your only layer.

We decided to focus on ankle-length tights while giving a slight advantage to those that also came in alternative, capri-style versions. The primary driver for buying a pair of tights is cold weather—this is a point that was stressed by every expert we spoke to, and it covers both winter and all-weather running tights—so it only made sense for us to prioritize the full-length kind. We gave extra features such as brushed interiors and trademarked tech like Under Armour ColdGear secondary consideration.

In addition to ankle cuffs and waistband drawcords, we looked for running tights with front or back pockets preferably zipped. Sweat-wicking capabilities, while pretty much universal in this category, were not the highest priority for us. We did give points for reflectivity, but because this feature is partly a stylistic choice—and because top garments often have more reflective elements—it was not a prerequisite.

We prioritized tights with zippered pockets, though we did not deem them necessary. What was more important for us was making sure the pockets were not merely an afterthought, such as inseam pockets, but that they were actually worked into the design of the tights. Most of the experts we spoke to were ambivalent about just how effective or important sweat-wicking tech really is.

The point is that this is a function that is natural to nylon and, especially, polyester weaves as opposed to cotton, which is highly absorbent. And besides, any exercise apparel will retain some level of moisture anyway. Overlocking , on the other hand, refers to a stitch that sews over the edge of one or two pieces of fabric, resulting in a thicker seam. To understand how the fabric makeup of a pair of tights can affect warmth, comfort, and performance, you first need to understand the differences between the materials.

Some running pants are made from cotton, which is just a bad idea. In turn, this can cause hypothermia and have the exact opposite effect from what a pair of running tights should deliver. For the most part, though, the category is defined by two main materials—polyester and nylon—and they each have their ups and downs.

However, this is not always the case: As fabric specialist Melissa Fehr explained to us, activewear manufacturers introduce sweat-wicking features by manipulating the weave of the fabric, not the fabric itself. But given those dueling characteristics, we decided it made more sense to give polyester the slight edge when narrowing down our list.

A blend of the two, though, would certainly be appealing. The rest consists of a stretch material: With all these speciality weaves and proprietary sweat-wicking treatments, manufacturers tend to trademark their processes with names like Nike Dri-Fit and Under Armour ColdGear.

You need to try the tights on, test them out, and see how quickly they dry, which is exactly what we did in our tests. As we waited for test samples of our top picks to come in, we began reaching out to local running groups in the Boston area where I live.

We looked for volunteers who were willing to test out the contenders and provide feedback on what they liked and disliked about each. Over the next few weeks, these volunteers four women and four men, myself included, all size medium took time to get runs in with each of the 10 contenders.

We asked the testers to score and rank each sample on warmth, comfort, features, fit, design, and value. From there we were able to apply some hard data to some rather subjective considerations, using average scores to identify the overall favorites.

We also tested each pair for its stretchiness, measuring how far we were able to stretch the weave from its resting position; specifically, we pinched the fabric with our thumbs spaced about an inch apart and then pulled to see how much farther we could widen that gap. This pair was the overwhelming favorite among our testers, ranking high in warmth, comfort, and fit.

All of our reviewers agreed it was the warmest of all the tights they tested; it also features a brushed tricot interior that helped it earn far and away the best scores for comfort among all the contenders. The Winter Warm Tights design also includes a single key pocket in the rear, a waistband drawcord, and calf zips on some models. In testing all these different garments, we were looking for warmth more than anything else, and the Winter Warm Tights proved to be both warm and comfortable in the harshest of conditions.

On a scale of one to five, our testers gave these tights an average warmth score of 4. Our testers also ranked the Winter Warm Tights highly for fit and comfort.

On a scale of one to five, they again gave the tights an average score of 4. A lot of the comfort factor can be attributed to the brushed, fleece-like interior. The result is tight enough to conform to the contours of your legs, but also loose enough for casual wear around the house. One tester said he wore the Winter Warm pair all day and at times even forgot he was wearing running tights. Another reason why the Winter Warm Tights proved so comfortable: The North Face Winter Warm Tights easily tripled the distance between our thumbs—a feat that proved a challenge to every other pair, most of which could hardly double that distance.

The design also provides a waistband drawcord for a more specialized fit, though we found the leggings tight enough for us to ignore this feature. The North Face claims on its website that the Winter Warm Tights come with calf zips, but the sample we acquired did not have any zips or openings at the ankle, making the leggings just a tad difficult to remove.

This pair was the clear runner-up among our testers, scoring high in warmth, comfort, and fit but still coming in second to the Winter Warm Tights in all those respects. The weave is mostly polyester 92 percent , with an 8 percent spandex count; this combo makes for a highly effective sweat-wicking potential in a semi-compressive body.

One of our testers said this pair was uniformly tight, which you could see as good or bad depending on your size preference. In all, our testers gave the Essentials Tight an average comfort score of four.

These tights are also pretty stretchy: In our stretch test we were able to double the distance between our thumbs—a measure that was more or less comparable to that of every other contender aside from the Nike pair, which was less stretchy, and the North Face pairs, which were the most stretchy. Like The North Face Winter Warm Tights, the ASICS pair is somewhat sparse in the features department, offering a waistband drawcord and a single back zipper pocket for storing gels, keys, and small electronics, but nothing else.

It meets our minimum requirements, but in no way exceeds them. While we think these tights will be plenty warm for most circumstances, the real appeal is in how they balance comfort, fit, and affordability. ASICS even promotes them as more of an all-season pair of running tights.

This pair had the highest average score among our testers, earning big points for comfort, design, value, and especially warmth—all of the testers agreed it was the warmest of the contenders they wore. With a soft brushed interior, the Sugoi MidZero Tight is likely to be more comfortable than most competitors of its kind.

A: Running tights are designed to fit and shape to the body, and they are free from seams, allowing moving air to flow over the leg as if it was moving over the natural skin surface. This free-moving flow of air does not meet resistance as it would if a runner were wearing loose baggy running pants. Criteria for Picking Out the Best Nike Running Tights. As a runner, you need to choose the best athletic wear for your specific needs. Running tights are more than just a fashion statement, though. Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Men's Running Pants & Tights store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.